Carbagerun Winter edition 2017

Defiance sponsored The League of Extraordinary Skippers in their endeavour to participate in the Carbagerun this year. In a twenty-year-old Volvo they crossed the mountains, fjords and forests of Scandinavia. The announcement on the car stated "Design på Nederländska", freely translating in  "Design in a Dutch manner" The journey went from The Netherlands, thru Germany into Denmark. They started in København and went to Oslo, Bergen, Hamar, Sundsvall and finishing in the biggest city of The North, Stockholm.

Graus wonen Event !

The preparations for the Graus wonen Event ! are at full steam. Please take some time to pay us a visit this weekend. It's an event filled to the brim with nice design items, art and our NEW D_CHAIR !

Save the date !
14|15|16 october 2016

Salone del Mobile Milano 2016

A treat to the beholders eye, that's what the Salone del Mobili Milano is. The fair itself is a great way to get a view on what the furnishing world is up to. But when the long day of walking and looking around in the expo area is over, the city of Milano does what it does best. It bursts into life with expositions, theater, music and it's finest foods. Everybody get's surved in their needs, be it contemporary furniture design, exclusive cars or great fashion. Next time you think of a city trip, plan one to Milano during the Salone!

Progress of work on D_BED

This project is a culmination of a few years planning and preparation. The diversity of the formes used in the first model of Defiance are so complex that the only way to really get it right was bij using CNC techniques, later fixing and glueing it into place by using specially made formworks. The whole piece is build up like a ship, complete with ribs and stringers to keep the freestanding design on two legs upright. This did pose some problems which only appeared during construction, so we had to take some detours. In the end, after one and a half years, all hard labor payed of in the form of a beautiful and unique piece of furniture.